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Term 5 2014/15 Newsletter                                                    April 2015

Dear Parents and Carers

We have two new children joining us this term, we would like a say a big hello and welcome to Tommy, Finley and their families.

Fundraising opportunity
As you may recall from last terms newsletter, Emily Wolton (Poppy’s mum & Peach Tree Committee Secretary), was due to run the London Marathon. I am delighted to announce that Emily completed the 26.2 mile course and was even at school on Monday morning to drop off Poppy and Theo. Emily was hoping to raise money for 3 different charities, Alzheimer’s Society, Katherine House Hospice and Peachtree pre-school, for which, on Peach Tree’s behalf, we would like to say thank you. There is still time to donate and make Emily’s efforts count. Please see link below.

Emily Wolton donation link

Valuing effort
Within the unit, children are encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves, promoting their independence as learners and capable individuals. Children are encouraged to manage their own lunch and snack routines, put on and hang up their coat, find what they need for their chosen learning activity, manage turn taking and sharing and help others. We believe these skills are essential to developing a positive attitude towards themselves and others as competent and capable learners as they grow throughout school and into adulthood. This is also the case during personal care routines, where even the youngest children are encouraged to do what they can for themselves. Of course, we do offer all children an appropriate level of support, but find they very quickly manage things for themselves and take great pride in doing so. Not only are we supporting children’s independence skills, but also helping children to understand that their body is theirs and they have the right to have a say in what happens to their body, promoting a position of ownership and the confidence to say no.

During these times of perseverance, experimenting and learning, children may get their trousers on back to front or their shoes on the wrong feet, however, we feel it is important to value and praise the great effort children have gone to to do these things for themselves (who said zips need to be at the front anyway!!) If you arrive and your child looks a bit upside down or back to front, it usually means they have shown great perseverance and done something for themselves, please value the effort they have gone to and greet them with praise and encouragement.

September admissions
We are currently in the process of pulling together admissions for September 2013 and whilst I realise that September may seem a long way off I would be very grateful if parents with children returning in September could give me an indication of their session requirements for the 2015/2016 academic year. I will place a form in every child’s drawer who is returning in September. I am aware that some parents have already let me know their requirements; however I would be grateful if everyone could confirm their requirements to Karen Locke, either by returning the form or by email. I cannot promise to meet every requirement but I will do my best.

Sun Protection
As the warmer weather approaches, just a quick note regarding sun protection and how we can work together to ensure the children can enjoy the sun safely over the coming months. We ask that on sunny days, children come to pre-school with sun cream already applied. For children staying with us for a full day, we have our own sun protection lotion which we are happy to apply.

If your child is staying for the whole day and you would prefer us not to use our sun protection lotion, please supply your own sun protection lotion in a named bottle so that we may reapply in the afternoons.

Waiting outside gate
As you know, outside learning is hugely important to children’s development. At Peach Tree we give equal consideration to the planning for learning in our outside environment as we do inside. Now the weather has vastly improved, we would like to be able to set up experiences and activities outside to meet the interests and needs of the children. As I am sure you can imagine, this is difficult to do if children are accessing the area before the unit opens. With this in mind, we will be keeping our outside area closed until we open our door at 9.10/9.15. We please ask that parents and children wait outside the gate until it is opened by a member of the team. Obviously if it is raining, please feel free to huddle under the canopy. Building relationships with other parents is an important part of children’s school days, we, alongside the school, are keen to build a joint community. We hope that by not having separate waiting/standing areas, parents will have the opportunity to meet and talk with all parents across the school and pre-school communities.

Healthy eating
At Peach Tree Pre-school, we are strong advocates of healthy eating, promoting this throughout our everyday practice. During lunch time period, children are encouraged to eat their savoury items first, sandwich, salad, pasta etc. followed by their fruit, then yogurt etc. Children are then able to choose what they have next. Sometimes, to much excitement, children bring in sweets to celebrate birthdays etc, which is a lovely treat for their friends. We strongly feel that sweets do not have a place in the children’s lunch boxes and please ask that all sweet treats are kept to an absolute minimum.

Pre-school Fees
If you have any queries or questions regarding fees or payments, please contact the administrative assistant, Mrs Short, who can be contacted through the pre-school or
Please see/contact Karen Locke with regards to sessions and admissions.

Parent Help Rota
As always the parent help rota is up on the notice board for any parent wishing to come and spend a session (or more) with us at the pre-school. We are always very grateful for your help and it’s a great way to gain an insight of how your child learns through play at Peachtree. You are welcome to come and join our play, if you feel you would like to do an activity, share a skill, talent, job role or experience etc. or read a story at group time, please let a member of the team know.

Nut Allergy
We have several children at the pre-school with a nut allergy. We must therefore stress that children’s lunch boxes must not contain nuts or any products containing nuts. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep Peach Tree a nut free environment.

Thank you for your continuing support
The Foundation Unit Team

Reminder – This term ends on Friday 22nd May.
We return on Tuesday 2nd June.

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